Professionals in handcrafted boots

More than 100 years of experience define us as authentic masters in the manufacture of handmade boots in Mallorca. These are some of the most important moments in our history, those that have made us who we are and the reasons why we have come so far.


Our beginnings

We open our historic factory in Mallorca, where we begin to make boots by hand with work, love and delicacy to get a high quality product. Our great adventure starts.


We cross the ocean

Tony Mora opens borders and starts manufacturing boots for customers in America. Territory where the cowboy tradition is born, which makes our boots a more desired and demanded product in that area.


Expansion in Europe

The leading luxury stores in Europe offer Tony Mora boots among their fashion collections. They become the perfect complement for the dresses of the most exclusive brands in the world.


We conquer the public

The brand is consolidated at the “Love Brand” level due to the fashion that has emerged throughout Europe. The number of fans of the brand that seeks perfection in their boots and boasts of wearing Tony Mora grows.


We jump to the catwalks

We succeed in the most important catwalks in the world where great designers combine their clothes with Tony Mora boots. We begin to be part of the most exclusive fashion world and we’re already recognized as one of the great brands of boots.


First store in the US

Tony Mora embarks on the adventure and opens his first store in New York, brushing shoulders with the rest of the world’s great brands in Times Square and offering quality boots in one of the largest cities in the world, where millions of people pass each year.


We enter the digital world

We take the next logical step in our company and create our first website, betting on online sales to reach all parts of the world, as there is demand for our products in every corner of the planet.


Design your own boots

People are looking for exclusivity, so we start offering the possibility of creating custom boots for our customers. They choose the materials, the design, size, details, colors and finishes. This way they get unique boots that nobody else can have.


Expansion in Mallorca

We open our store in Calonge, Santanyí, as we believe it’s necessary to reach more people at street level, beyond the store we have in our factory in Alaró. Now it’s a basic pillar of our company and one of the most important sales centers.


We keep growing

After the success of our previous store, we opened another one in Puerto de Andratx, a spectacular area of ​​the island. This way, we expand in Mallorca, our home, but without losing sight of the rest of the world.


Overcoming any obstacle

In such a difficult year as this, we have opened our spectacular and modern store, located in the beautiful area of ​​Santanyí, a town in the south of Mallorca full of tradition and art that is well worth visiting.
Also, together with the design and digital marketing studio Stay Creative, we have expanded and improved our website to reach all corners of the world.


Improving day by day

During this year, we have launched a new website by the hand of the digital marketing agency Stay Creative, with the intention of offering an even better online shopping experience to our customers.


Looking at the future

We have decided to make the leap to the peninsula and open a new store in the spectacular area of ​​Marbella. A luxurious place where you can find the stores of the best fashion brands and that has a luxurious atmosphere that fits perfectly with the Tony Mora spirit.
In addition, we continue to look to the future and continue to work on our expansion throughout Europe and the rest of the world.


Proud of our fifth store

In February we brought to life a charming and spacious shop in Artá, a jewel located in the northeast of our beautiful island. Its old town, steeped in essence and history, makes it one of the most emblematic villages of Mallorca where tradition and culture remain part of its streets, its timeless character adding a special touch to our new commercial adventure!


Conquering Ibiza

We have finally arrived on the wonderful island of Ibiza, where fashion intertwines with the vibrant energy of this Mediterranean paradise! Here, our aim is to immerse ourselves in the relaxed and chic lifestyle that defines Ibiza and capture the unique essence of this coastal environment. On our journey, we seek to fuse the timeless elegance of Tony Mora with the freshness and authenticity that emanates from every corner of the island. From the warm tones of the sunrise to the Mediterranean breeze, we draw inspiration from every element to create a fashion experience that reflects the unmistakable spirit of our White Isle.
Get ready for a unique fusion of fashion and authenticity in this magical corner of the world!