The best handcrafted boots of Mallorca

To create a pair of quality boots, many years of experience, hard work and passion for what you do are necessary. Care, delicacy, love and concentration are vital, so we consider that each of our boots has its own personality, a history and a unique and exclusive character.


The best materials

Before starting, we select the skins with the highest quality to make our boots. Crocodile, python, ostrich skin …


Piece by piece

We cut the different main pieces, always by hand and carefully.



We start with the boots design, making the cuts in the bottom pieces or overlapping pieces.


Join the pieces

We continue with the the cuts of skin and other materials of the footwear, and with the sewing by hand of all the threads of the boot.


“Goodyear” production

It’s a sewing that provides durability, flexibility, comfort and insulation, made possible by the machine invented by Charles Goodyear in 1872. In addition, it allows to repair and replace the soles. Only the best manufacturers use this technique.


Last touches

We just finished the boots and quality control to make sure they are perfect boots.


Ready for you to take

We pack the boots and put them in their box to preserve them and make sure they always arrive in perfect condition at your feet.