Calculate your size

The easiest way to find out your shoe size is by measuring the length of your feet. Here is one way to do it.
You will need a sheet of paper, a pen or pencil and a ruler.


1- Put the sheet of paper on the floor, lined up with the wall or skirting board.
2- Stand on the paper with bare feet and feet together, with your heels against the wall.
3- Use the pencil to mark the end of your longest toe.
4- Take the paper and measure the distance from the edge to the pencil mark you made.
5- Add 1 centimeter to the measurement.
6- Find the size thet matches the measurement obtained in this table:

3523,5 cms.9,27 in
3624,2 cms.9,51 in
3724,8 cms.9,77 in
3825,5 cms.10,03 in
3926,1 cms.10,29 in
4026,8 cms.10,55 in
4127,5 cms.10,81 in
4228,1 cms.11,07 in
4328,8 cms.11,33 in
4429,4 cms.11,59 in
4530,1 cms.11,85 in
4630,8 cms.12,11 in
4731,4 cms.12,37 in