Calculate your size

Now we go to the most important thing that you must know when choosing the size for your Tony Mora boots or ankle boots.


1.- You must order your regular shoe size. Example: If with sports sneakers you are a size 40 with our boots you will also be a size 40.

2.- If at the beginning it is a little difficult to get into your boots, don’t worry, it’s normal, help yourself with the socks that come in the box of each order. These socks will help you slip in the first few times you wear your boots and you will see how much better they fit.

If at first you feel that it tight on the instep or the width of the foot, don’t worry, this is how it should be at the beginning since the quality of the inner calf leather is that as you walk little by little it will only give way in the areas that our foot needs it, adapting to the shape of your feet.

*We recommend you to use our socks for the first few days because when we walk with these socks we warm up our feets and the warm steam in addition to the movement makes the leather widen more easily only in the areas that are necessary.

There is a belief that to wear boots we must buy one size larger than what we usually wear, but with our quality of leather that is not necessary. Everything is an adaptation process that will be done the first few days until your boots will fit you like a glove!

3.- Lastly and most importantly…

 Enjoy the comfort and quality of Tony Mora!