Why create your own boot?

Did you ever saw a pair of boots and thought… “If only they were a bit lighter” or “If the same heel was lower…”. Well, that situation is over. Is time to play with your own rules! Now, with Tony Mora, you can choose the color, the heel, the toe, and all the whole boot, allowing your personality to shine through your boots.

Adapt or change our designs as you want

Make your custom boots look exactly as you want, even in the tiniest details. Choose a design and change as much as you want from it. Last, leather, color, heel, and every single detail until it looks as you want… Do not hesitate to try it!






Paris 60













Juana 90


Piso de suela

Philip Goma 0,5 mm

Piso Goma Liso

Piso Goma Dentado

Deep top

Europa Small

Euro Standart

Mexicano Big+

Doble W Big

Estovepipe Small

Edge sole color

Cantos negros

Cantos natural

Cantos marrón

Cantos viejo negro

Cantos viejo marrón

With Tony Mora, your size or your favorite color is never out of stock

You come to a shop and see a pair of boots that you like, but, unfortunately, your size is sold out. Isn’t that disappointing? Or you like one model of boots but not the color? Forget all about those little problems when buying from us and get your own customized boots. As they are made only for you, you’ll get something unique. Colors, heels, last… and much more.

Exotic leathers

All have certified “cites” regulations that apply at the time of buying and selling or importing both animals and plants. All our skins are from farms.





Classic leathers

Smooth and firm texture, slightly shiny or dull, ideal for classic boots and luxurious finishes.

Classic #1

Classic #2

Classic #3

Classic #4

Nubuck leathers

Nubuck of all kinds of color, with a smooth texture and strong to the touch, they are leathers of very good quality and durability, ideal for bikers or places with water, they admit greasing very well.

Nubuck #1

Nubuck #2

Nubuck #3

Nubuck #4

Split leathers

Also called twisted leather, they are velvety-textured leathers, with a soft touch and little rigidity, perfect for the BRASH system (greasing of the bee with a brush)

Split #1

Split #2

Split #3

Split #4

Washed leathers

Leather with a special texture and an aged touch through water washes that break the latex and the stiffness of the leather.
Excellent comfort, they don’t need time to adapt to the foot, they are unique and unrepeatable leathers.

Washed #1

Washed #2

Washed #3

Washed #4

Imagin having your initials in your boots

We do all like special editions and to look different than the others, isn’t that a fact? In every pair of Tony Mora custom boots, you have the chance, without any extra price for you, to stitch your initials into your own boots. Available in two sizes and in the color you prefer.


They are a specially unique

Do you want to ensure that nobody has the same pair of boots as you? We encourage you to make your own custom boots! Personalize your boots and make them a way to express your personality. All our boots are made by hand and are a unique piece, just as we all are.


Mon — 3 cm

Alaró — 2,5 cm

Hanna — 4 cm

Recto — 5 cm

Tina — 6 cm

NM — 4 cm

Paseo — 4 cm

Mex — 4 cm

Denos — 4 cm

Doug — 4 cm

Rock — 3 cm

Lini — 5 cm

Irene — 8 cm

Daslu — 9 cm


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    Feel the quality

    At the Tony Mora family, we do believe that custom made things are the future! It won’t take that long until almost everything will be customized, it’s just the next natural step of evolution. Before nowadays, where everything is mass-produced, almost everything was made by hand and piece by piece, why not to go back to those amazing times? Enjoy our handmade quality.