Combine your Cowboy Boots

Already a trendy boot in 2021 and long before, they continue to be worn winter after winter. Even beyond that, as they go perfectly with dresses and skirts. But do you want to know how to wear cowboyboots correctly? Don’t miss these tips and you’ll be comfortable, fashionable and beautiful. Combine your Cowboy Boots.

How to wear cowboy boots

They look very combinable, don’t they? However, don’t lose sight of these five golden rules.

  • Better under your trousers than on the outside. Gone are the days of skinny trousers tucked into boots. With the current boom in straight jeans, wide-leg, cargo, flare, bell-bottoms… only real cowboys, those who work in the fields, would wear their trousers tucked into their boots.
  • They are fashionable with long skirts and flared trousers. As you can see, cowboy boots go with all skirt lengths, but not with the width of the trousers. Straight and slightly flared trousers are perfect to wear with cowboy boots or boots underneath. But avoid trousers that are too wide, the boots lose their effect.
  • Avoid trousers with embellishments or flashy. Cowboy boots are made to stand out. They have a lot of personality, so you don’t want to wear them with trousers that are also flashy for whatever reason: embellishments, colours, etc. Only slightly frayed trousers are good, it’s that country look. This is especially important for cowboy boots with embroidery, metallic accessories, buckles or similar. Wear them with classic blue, black or white jeans. In the case of skirts and dresses, if you can afford some colour, especially if flowers are involved, the favourite is still white skirts or dresses for this footwear.
  • Cowboy boots with heels are in fashion. If you’ve been waiting to gain a few centimetres and show off slimmer legs, go for these boots with heels. They are going to be in fashion this autumn winter season.
  • Wear them with trousers that are long enough. For these boots, more than with any other, it is important that the trousers are longer than the end of the boot. As a general rule, if the trousers do not touch the foot, they are not long enough.

Did you find these tips for wearing cowboy boots useful? Combine your Cowboy Boots and don’t miss the other tips for wearing Tony Mora boots for women and men that you will find on our website, we want you to step on your toes!