Cowboy boots: footwear history

Boots are the footwear par excellence in the winter season. In addition to protecting your feet from the cold, this type of shoe has managed to carve a niche for itself in the fashion world. This season the cowboy model is making a comeback, do you know it? Cowboy boots: footwear history

Cowboy boots: footwear history

Although originally cowboy footwear was plain, over time they began to use embroidery and stitching in their designs. In addition, they began to include accessories such as stars or brooches on the uppers.

Years later, this type of footwear became part of every worker’s wardrobe, which is why they were made of quality materials, such as leather or animal skins. Hollywood and Western films made the cowboy model fashionable in the 1960s. From then on, they gained popularity due to their history and quality.

Cowboy Style Classics

What do they look like today?

Today, cowboy boots have a characteristic design, marked by embroidered lines and ornaments. These shoes have a medium or low-cut upper, a “fish-mouth” cut and a fairly pronounced toe. Most models have a heel, although in very different heights.

Advantages of women’s and men’s cowboy-style boots

There is a wide variety of designs, with different shades and heights.

Anyone can get them. The quality of the materials varies, so does the price range.

They are easy to combine with any style and outfit.

Although they tend to be used more in winter, they are great to combine with autumn and spring clothes.

What should you know before buying trendy boots 2022?

There are several factors that go into choosing the right cowboy style shoes for you.

The material they are made of

Cowboy shoes are usually made of suede. Two important characteristics depend on the material used, the price they will cost you and how long they will last.

The heel

There are models with heel and without heel, and choosing one or the other will depend on your height and your tastes.

The height of the shaft

Before buying them, think about the clothes you are going to combine them with. If they are of standard height, you won’t have any problems, but if you buy them with too high a heel, your options may be reduced.

Where to buy them?

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