Curiosities women men boots


Autumn is beginning, a time when we start to wear out our boots. In fact, we wear them every day, in different designs, colours, materials and shapes. But in this article we go further, we want to explain a series of curiosities about them that you may not know. Curiosities women men boots.

Curiosities women men boots

In this section we will discover interesting aspects about women’s and men’s boots. They are the following:

The most valuable boots in the world are valued at 3.1 million dollars. They were exhibited at the Hong Kong Design Week last year. More than 4 kilos of gold and almost 40,000 diamonds were used in their manufacture.

Today, the red-soled boot is a symbol of exclusivity, although this has not always been the case. In the 16th century, almost all heels were painted in this colour in Europe.


Spanish boot models are the oldest.


In fact, our country has become a reference in this industry worldwide.

When we say that “nos vamos a poner las botas“, we are referring to the large amount of food we are going to eat. However, you should know that this is not the origin of the expression. It dates back to the time of the Romans, who, thanks to their purchasing power, were the only ones who could afford to buy this footwear.


The first boot that existed was a type of legging with a sole that covered the instep, all sewn together.

Although they are fashionable nowadays, in the 1960s they were not very well regarded by most managers, who preferred their female employees not to wear them.

If you have a difficult meeting, the best thing to do is to wear high boots. This way, you will “protect” yourself just like the first people to wear them, the soldiers who fought in the American War of Independence.



The term “colgar las botas” comes from the time when the military academy in our country was coming to an end. The young men then threw them on nearby wires or trees.

First women’s boot came out in England and was designed for Queen Victoria in 1840.

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