Handmade Cowboy Boots

At Tony Mora, we create impeccable cowboy boots. How? We will explain it to you.

It takes many years of experience, hard work and passion for what you do. Affection, delicacy, love and concentration are vital, that is why we consider that each of our handmade cowboy boots have their own personality, a history and a unique and exclusive character.

Optimal materials

The first step of all is to select the skins with the highest quality to carry out our cowboy boots. We have a variety of exotic skins, if you want an exclusive material you can choose:

Ostrich, Crocodile, Iguana or Python.  Another kind of leather that we have are the classic, of great quality and durability.

Then we have serraje leather or also called twisted leather, with a soft touch and velvety texture.

The Noubouck leather, with a smooth texture and strong to the touch, are leathers of very good quality and durability.

Finally the leather Washed, with a curious, special texture and an aged touch. They are unique and unrepeatable leather of excellent quality and comfort.

Piece by piece

We cut the different main pieces, always by hand and delicately. Raw material to create wonderful cowboy boots.


We start with the design of the cowboy boots handmade, making the cuts in the pieces of the bottom or superimposed pieces. We join the pieces and continue with the dressmaking, that is, joining the leather cuts and other materials of the footwear, and with the hand-stitching of all the threads of the cowboy boot.

Goodyear” Production

It is a seam that provides durability, flexibility, comfort and insulation, possible thanks to the machine invented by Charles Goodyear in 1872. The best manufacturers of cowboy boots use this technique, we will provide the best qualities for our customers.

Last touches and finishes

We finished with the cowboy boots and quality control to make sure they are perfect cowboy boots. We pack the boots and place them in their box to preserve them and ensure that they always arrive in perfect condition at the requested destination.