Tony Mora: Over a Century Dedicated to Perfecting Excellence and Quality in Our Manufacturing Processes.

fabrica tony mora

Get ready for an exciting journey through time with Tony Mora!

In this blog, we’ll take you through 105 years of history where boots have not only defied the passage of time but have evolved while maintaining their unique and unmistakable essence. Dive with us into the manufacturing processes and discover how artisanal magic has preserved its charm over the decades.

The Legacy of Tony Mora: The Factory Throughout Time.

In these photos, you’ll be transported through the years in Tony Mora’s factory. Yes, the machines are almost identical to those of yesteryear, but what truly fills us with joy when seeing these images is how artisanal processes have preserved the essence of tradition. It’s like embarking on a journey through time while witnessing the creation of high-quality boots!

fabrica Tony Mora antigua

fabrica tony mora 2           fabrica 015

tony mora antigua fabrica          antigua fabrica 009

pieles antiguas         moldes antiguos

The Immutable Process: Discover the Secret of its Specialty.

What makes these boots so special? The answer lies in their manufacturing process. From the meticulous selection of materials to the delicate finishing details, the Tony Mora team has kept the heart of craftsmanship intact. Each pair of boots seems to tell its own story in a language we all understand: the unparalleled quality of fine footwear.

botas antiguas                artesano martillando bota de piton 

artesano montando una bota                artesano cosiendo una bota

artesano montando bota

Preserving the Essence: Machines that Tell Stories.

Contemplate these mechanical relics. It seems like their gears whisper stories of decades past! Although the market offers more modern machines, Tony Mora has chosen to preserve these classic gems. These machines are an essential part of our family history!

hombre cosiendo una suela de bota tony mora          artesano con una bota

artesano maquina antigua en la actualidad           finalizando una bota tony mora

finalizando una suela tony mora           tony mora fabrica

fabrica tony mora

Moldes hoy

While we cannot deny that some more modern machines help us be more precise in the process.

maquina moderna tony mora

Boots that Endure in the Heart of Time:

Have you ever wondered what makes some boots remain impeccable over time? The answer lies in excellence. Every detail, from the careful selection of materials to meticulous craftsmanship, is infused with dedication and affection to ensure the highest quality in each product. It’s like a magical touch that turns boots into treasures full of charm and beauty!

nuevas botas       botas antiguas

1920 VIRGI LINI FLORENTIC BURDEOS         tony mora boots

Join the Exclusive Tony Mora Family:

Now that you know our manufacturing processes, are you ready to join a unique community? We are forming an exclusive family and want you to be part of it! Each pair of boots is an invitation to join us on this eternal journey of style and durability. Want to be part of the authenticity that never goes out of fashion? Click here to explore our collection and immerse yourself in the Tony Mora experience.

Tony Mora has not only defied the passage of time; it has danced with it while remaining true to its roots. This journey through history is not just about boots; it’s about a brand that has woven magic into every stitch. Discover the enduring distinction and join us in the next chapter of a story as timeless as a good pair of boots!