Tips for caring for your Cowboy Boots

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Our cowboy boots are made to last… that’s why it’s worth taking care of them. It’s very important to know that the maintenance of your boots depends on the type of leather, so we’re going to give you some tips Tips for caring for your Cowboy Boots, and you’ll see that they’ll last as long as the first day!

Tips for caring for your Cowboy Boots for men and women

You can perfectly use these techniques on our Tony Mora boots.

Oiled leather boots

You will recognise them by their slightly greasy feel, like candle wax. These boots are very resistant to grease and oil stains, so they will be great for riding.

To remove dirt from these boots, always use a brush, a damp cotton cloth or a moisturising wipe. If they don’t come off, put some neutral soap on the cloth.

If they get wet, we recommend that you stuff them with absorbent paper (newspaper will do) and remember never to put them near a heat source. Let them dry naturally. Afterwards, apply a generous layer of horse grease to moisturise them.

You can also regularly add a small amount of horse grease, which will reinforce their protective barrier against stains and water, or use leather cream of the same colour or neutral.

Tips for caring for your Cowboy Boots oiled

Non-oiled leather boots

You’ll recognise them because they don’t have the waxed feel of oiled boots, nor the metallic sheen.

You can remove stains in the same way as for oiled boots, i.e. with a soft brush, a damp cotton cloth (optionally with neutral soap) or a moisturising wipe.

Do the same if they get wet. Remember not to place them near a heat source, let them dry naturally. When dry, add horse grease. To keep them always nice, apply horse grease or cream of the same colour or neutral from time to time, and rub with a cloth.

Tips for caring for your Cowboy Boots no-oiled

Suede, turned leather, split leather or nubuck boots

To remove dirt, use a wire bristle brush very gently. Do not use liquids or creams. If the stains are grease, you can use a little kitchen grease remover, but be very careful.

You can buy a special spray to protect these leathers from stains and water. Use it when the boots are clean and dry and at a distance of 25-30 cm, while moving the boots to spread the product.

If the boots have gotten wet, stuff them with absorbent paper, let them dry naturally and then use the nubuck or split leather spray.

Tips for caring for your Cowboy Boots serraje

We hope these tips have helped you to take care of the trendy 2021 boots, which are still unstoppable in 2022 and everything seems to indicate that they will continue to be so next year.