What is the Goodyear system for handmade boots?

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No, we are not talking about wheels. That was a Charles Goodyear senior thing. The Goodyear system that we want to talk about is the best system in the world for the construction of the sole of the footwear and it was a Charles Goodyear junior thing, as you can see, it???s all in the family.

It???s a mandatory process if you want to create high quality shoes or boots that succeed in every place they visit. That???s why it???s the type of sewing that we use for all our products in Tony Mora.

This system, created in 1872, revolutionized the quality of footwear worldwide. In short, the Goodyear process consists of covering the top of the boot, giving a foot shape and attaching it to the insole. Then, the edging, which is a simple leather strip, attach the upper half to the sole. That is to say, wonderful!

Are there other techniques to make shoes and boots? Of course, but they are all of inferior quality and provide a shorter duration than the Goodyear system. Therefore, it???s a must if you want comfortable boots that you can wear for many years.

In short, the Goodyear system provides comfort, insulation, flexibility and resistance. For all this, it???s the only internationally recognized sewing and is the system we follow in Tony Mora with all our products.

Our boots succeed worldwide and are so cool because we always make the best possible footwear for our customers. The secret? The materials, the system we use to make them handmade, in this case the Goodyear, but above all, the passion that is put into each of them by our human team. Only in this way an object as unique and special as our boots can be created.

Without a doubt, the world of footwear would be very different if it were not for Goodyear. Thanks Charles!

Now that you know the Goodyear system, the work process we use at Tony Mora, you may want to take a look at the models we have on our website.

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