Types of women’s belts: key accessories to define your style

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The belt, an accessory as old as it is versatile, remains a staple of both men’s and women’s wardrobes. Although some women choose not to wear it on certain occasions, such as black-tie events where it is not appropriate, the belt not only serves a practical function-keeping trousers in place-but also adds a distinctive touch to any outfit.


cinturon de piel mujer

Versatility and style: The importance of choosing the right belt type

Within the types of women’s belts, the plain leather belt with a simple buckle remains a must-have in any wardrobe. However, the world of women’s belts is vast and varied, including bolder and more specialised options, such as the engraved leather belts, which Tony Mora has in various finishes such as Brown Calfskin Engraving and the exotic Turquoise Calfskin Engraving, which bring a unique texture and finish to any look.

How to wear different types of belts to enhance any outfit

Belts are not just a practical accessory; they are an essential piece that can transform any outfit from simple to dramatic, accentuating your figure and adding a touch of style. If you think a belt is just for securing your trousers, think again. Here’s how each type of belt can be a game changer in your everyday wardrobe.

Classical elegance

Let’s start with the wardrobe staple: the black belt. This item is incredibly versatile, perfect for both a casual look with jeans and a blouse and an important meeting. A black belt with a shiny detail can be the focal point that takes an outfit from basic to shiny.

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Casual chic

For those more relaxed days, opt for a slim, earth-toned belt with a minimalist buckle. It’s ideal for pairing with basics like a white tee and jeans, adding a subtle yet sophisticated touch to your everyday outfit.

Rock style

If your style is bolder, consider a belt with metallic details such as holes and double buckles, or even add a chain for a rock-inspired look. This type of belt with biker boots adds unmistakable attitude to any outfit.

Maxi-belts for maximum impact

A large leather belt can make a statement on its own, especially when paired with a tailored suit or structured jacket. If your entire outfit is black, a large belt can add dramatic dimension without the need for further embellishment. Complement with gold accessories for an even more luxurious effect.

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Defining silhouettes with ponchos

Ponchos are great in the winter, but they can often hide your figure. Wearing a belt over your poncho defines your waist and also adds a bohemian touch to your look. Pair with cowgirl boots and a hat for a completely original look.

Double buckle for double the style

Double buckle belts are not only functional, they are also incredibly aesthetically pleasing. They look fantastic over trousers or even over a long dress, adding a sophisticated touch to any outfit.

Metallic and shiny

For a touch of glamour, opt for a metallic belt. This accessory is ideal for wearing with a printed dress or monochrome outfit, adding instant shine and a touch of elegance.

Animal print for bold impact

Animal print belts are perfect for adding a focal point to your wardrobe. Pair them with neutrals to make the belt stand out, or be bold and mix and match with other prints for an edgy look.

Refinement in the details

Don’t underestimate the power of a belt to transform an outfit. Look for belts with metallic details or decorative buckles to add a feminine and sophisticated touch to your outfit.

Tips for matching different types of women’s belts

When it comes to matching belts, the rules vary depending on the formality of the event:

  • For formal occasions: The classic rule is to match the colour of the belt to the shoes. This helps to create a cohesive and elegant look, ideal for situations where discretion and harmony of attire are key.

  • In casual or sporty attire: The rules are more flexible. It is not necessary to match accessories exactly, allowing you to experiment with different colours and textures. However, it is advisable to choose a belt that complements the overall tone of the outfit or, for the more daring, one that contrasts and adds a focal point to the outfit.

Although many of us underestimate its importance, a good belt is not only essential for the functionality of holding clothes together, but also plays a crucial role in defining personal style. Choosing the right belt can elevate a simple outfit, proving that this accessory is still as relevant today as it was in the past. Knowing the different types of belts available will help you choose the one that best complements your style and occasion.

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